The Federated Quantum Systems (FQS) will be a private instance of Arqit’s QuantumCloud technology oriented for use by government customers who have more stringent requirements for control and require a separate system from those used by commercial customers. Countries that will participate in this system will include the UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Italy, Belgium, and Austria with other Western Allied countries to join later in 2021. Arqit will also have industrial partners for this endeavor including BT, Sumitomo Corporation, Northrop Grumman, Leonardo, QinetiQ, Space N.V., qtlabs and Honeywell. The first satellite for this network will be launched by Virgin Orbit in 2023 from the UK. Arqit will use a patented key distribution protocol called ARQ19 which solves some of the problems associated with other satellite quantum key distribution methods. Arqit had also announced in May that it will become a public company by combining with SPAC Centricus Acquisition Corporation. For more information about the FQS system, you can view a press announcement that Arqit released at the recent G7 Leaders Conference in Cornwall here, and a white paper that describes their QuantumCloud technology here.

June 15, 2021