Atos which has been offering their Quantum Learning Machine, a device which performs quantum simulation using classical computing chips, has announced a partnership with quantum startup Pasqal to develop an offering based on Paqal’s neutral atom technology.  At a recent bpifrance Quantum Computing Business conference, Elie Girard, Atos CEO, indicated a company goal of providing a hybrid classical/quantum solution by 2023 which would likely use this technology.  We had recently published a report on Pasqal’s roadmap to develop a 200 qubit machine by 2021.  Pasqal has been very busy establishing partnerships with other quantum players this year including collaborations with ParityQC, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Rahko, Google, and Muquans.  For more on the Atos/Pasqal partnership, you can view a news release with the announcement here.

November 4, 2020