A trio of separate announcements involving quantum technology from different branches of the Australian government has been released in the last couple of weeks. The first was an announcement from the New South Wales (NSW) Transport Minister, Rob Stokes, that they plan to build a Centre of Quantum Technology with a mission to help run Sydney’s vast transport network. The goal will be to reduce transit times for customers by using the power of quantum optimization to advise customers of the best routes. It would also allow the transport network to most efficiently use its resources as well as provide quick adjustments to timetables and routes should there be any disruptions. Additional information about this project can be found in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The next announcement was from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison that the country will invest in nine critical technology with quantum computing being allocated funding of A$111 million over ten years to commercialize Australia’s quantum research and help businesses find markets and investors. This funding includes an allocation of A$70 million ($50 million USD) to create a Quantum Commercialisation Hub. In a speech, Prime Minister Morrison said one goal of the government is to “maintain the integrity of our research, science, ideas, information, and capabilities – to enable Australian industries to thrive and maximize our sovereign IP”. Additional information about this can be found in two news releases provided by the Australian government that can be viewed here and here.

The third announcement is a statement of intent between the United States and Australia to cooperate on quantum technology. The cooperation will help promote research and development, and encourage greater market access for quantum businesses in both nations. The cooperation will be advanced by elevating quantum in existing bilateral engagements, convening regular meetings of senior government officials involved in quantum technologies, and convening additional working-level meetings to advance specific topics. The full statement signed by both countries is titled Cooperation in Quantum Science and Technology and can be found here. A summary press release with quotes from Dr. Eric Lander, the President’s Science Advisor and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and also from Australian Minister for Science and Technology Melissa Price can be seen here. (These documents are also available on websites managed by the Australian government and can also be found here and here.)

November 19, 2021