Baidu has jumped into the QaaS (Quantum Infrastructure as a Service) game with an offering they call Quantum Leaf. The main components of this cloud based platform include a software package called Qcompute that is a Python-based open-source SDK, a pulse level generator software called Quanlse, and a simulator to simulate them.  These tools can be used with a quantum machine learning platform called Paddle Quantum which Baidu announced in May of this year.

Baidu Quantum Leaf
Baidu Quantum Leaf, Credit: Baidu

Baidu does not appear to have its own hardware backend hooked up to this platform yet, but it may be capable of interfacing with Third-part Quantum Cloud Hardware as shown in the diagram above.  Interestingly, the Quanlse software supports superconducting and nuclear magnetic resonance platforms and Baidu plans on extending the support to other platforms in the future.

For additional information on Baidu’s offering, you can read a blog post announcing it here, the GitHub repository for QCompute here, a description of the Quanlse software here, and a Registration/Login page (in Chinese) for Quantum Leaf here.

September 25, 2020