Although both Classiq and Q-CTRL are quantum software startups, they have been focusing on completely different areas of the quantum stack. Classiq offers a software package that allows users to specify their program using  high-level functional models and then automatically compiles them into lower level quantum gates. While Q-CTRL provides quantum control infrastructure software that can optimize and implement the gates to achieve error mitigation to provide the highest possible accuracy in the calculations. The software achieves this by designing the necessary control pulses and other techniques to minimize noise and decoherence to achieve the lowest possible error rate. The companies have now agreed to work together to integrate Q-CTRL’s error mitigation software with Classiq’s software so that a user can use a single interface to specify their program as a functional model and then have the software automatically invoke Q-CTRL’s software to provide an optimized program as the output. The companies have indicated that their tools are hardware agnostic and can be used with many different quantum hardware platforms. You can view a news release announcing the partnership between these two companies posted on the Q-CTRL website here.

November 22, 2022