Classiq, a leading quantum computing software company, has partnered with Quantum Intelligence Corp. (QIC, Korea) to accelerate drug development through quantum computing applications in pharmacology. Under Classiq’s Quantum Computing For Life Sciences & Healthcare Center, established with NVIDIA, the collaboration aims to enhance drug discovery, design, and prediction of side effects using quantum computing. QIC, a South Korean startup, utilizes the QUEST-ADMET platform, integrating quantum computing and AI to predict compound properties for drug safety and efficacy assessment. The partnership seeks to leverage Classiq’s quantum computing platform and QIC’s drug development platform to improve efficiency and accuracy in drug development processes. QIC’s CEO, Hwanho Choi, MD., PhD., emphasizes the importance of early identification of potential side effects to mitigate risks in drug development and clinical trials. Classiq’s CEO, Nir Minerbi, sees this collaboration as a significant step towards accelerated drug development, harnessing the power of quantum computing. For additional information, you can access the press release provided here.

April 04, 2024