D-Wave Quantum Inc., a leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services, announces the extension of its agreement with Aramco, a global integrated energy and chemicals company. The collaboration focuses on leveraging quantum technologies to manage geophysical optimization problems. Aramco Research Center in Delft, the Netherlands, has been collaborating with D-Wave for two years, utilizing quantum technologies to address computationally intensive seismic imaging challenges.

With the support of D-Wave, the team has achieved significant milestones, including creating subsurface maps using seismic data and processing a terabyte of seismic data with the D-Wave quantum computer in 2024. Marcin Dukalski, Quantum Applications Lead with Aramco Research Center in Delft, commented on the collaboration’s progress, expressing excitement about pushing quantum technologies to tackle large optimization problems in subsurface imaging.

Trevor Lanting, D-Wave’s Chief Development Officer, highlighted the partnership’s significance in addressing core data challenges in geophysical research and expressed D-Wave’s commitment to helping Aramco researchers maximize quantum’s positive impact.

For additional information, you can access a press release D-Wave Quantum Inc. has provided that you can see here.

June 6, 2024