D-Wave Quantum Inc., a leader in quantum computing, and Zapata Computing, Inc. (operating as Zapata AI), an industrial generative AI software company, have announced a multi-year strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to develop and bring to market commercial applications that combine generative AI and quantum computing technologies.

The partnership will focus on joint technical development and commercial deployment of applications for customers dealing with computationally complex problems. These applications will use quantum-enabled machine learning algorithms and leverage D-Wave’s quantum technologies, which can perform coherent quantum annealing with over 5,000 qubits. This capability pushes beyond the boundaries of what is possible with today’s classical computers. The initial focus of the collaboration will be on building quantum generative AI models to accelerate the discovery of new molecules.

Zapata AI will gain access to D-Wave’s Advantage™ annealing quantum computing systems, quantum-hybrid solvers, and development resources. The companies anticipate that this joint effort will accelerate commercial application development and provide the production access and resources needed to deliver these applications to Zapata’s customers. The collaboration also supports joint go-to-market efforts, including the exclusive availability of the commercial applications via a solver hosted in D-Wave’s Leap™ real-time quantum cloud service.

Both companies believe that this partnership marks a significant step towards realizing the potential of combining generative AI and quantum computing to tackle society’s most computationally complex problems. They share a common vision to accelerate the exploration, adoption, and commercial use of emerging technologies to fuel innovation and transformation. They believe that together, D-Wave and Zapata AI will usher in the commercial era of quantum machine learning.

A press release announcing this partnership can be found here.

February 10, 2024