Although access to D-Wave’s quantum annealer has been available on the Amazon Braket service for some time, D-Wave is now making available access to their Leap quantum cloud service and additional services through another facility at AWS called the AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace is a capability Amazon put into place to allow third party vendors to sell their products and services through Amazon. The AWS Marketplace offers more than 10,000 products from over 1,000 different vendors in areas including business applications, data & analytics, DevOps, infrastructure software, internet of things, machine learning, migration, and security. D-Wave services that will become available to AWS Marketplace customers include:

  • Quantum Consulting Services
  • Quantum Feature Selection for Machine Learning
  • Quantum Proof-of-Concept
  • Access to the Leap Quantum Cloud Service

The Leap quantum cloud services will be moved from Amazon Braket to the AWS Marketplace soon and Amazon Braket users will be redirected to the AWS Marketplace to use this service. The change will allow D-Wave to offer additional services to AWS Marketplace customers and simplify procurement, provisioning, and governance for these customers. Quantum software companies QC Ware and Mphasis also offer products and services through the AWS Marketplace, but D-Wave is the only hardware company using it. Additional information is available in a news release from D-Wave that you can access here.

October 22, 2022