Entrust has unveiled its Post-Quantum Ready PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS PQ) platform, marking the first commercially available solution of its kind. The cloud-based PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) platform offers both composite and pure quantum-safe certificate authority hierarchies, empowering enterprises to explore and implement quantum-resistant scenarios and infrastructure.

Greg Wetmore, Vice President, Software Development at Entrust, emphasized the urgency of preparing for the quantum threat, urging organizations to formulate Post-Quantum (PQ) migration strategies and adopt tools for testing and transitioning to quantum-safe security. The Entrust PKIaaS, leveraging over 25 years of expertise, simplifies enterprise PKI implementation with pre-built use cases, including WSTEP, ACME, SCEP, and mobile device management solutions. Additionally, the platform facilitates scalability, seamless integration into existing workflows, and comprehensive visibility, control, and automation. By incorporating post-quantum cryptography based on NIST PQ draft standards, Entrust enables the rapid issuance of quantum-safe certificates, aligning with global cybersecurity recommendations advocating a hybrid approach for quantum-safe data protection.

A press release from Entrust announcing the release of this solution can be accessed here.

January 10, 2023