Finland’s quantum landscape receives a substantial boost as the Research Council of Finland allocates €13 million to the Finnish Quantum Flagship (FQF), initiating an ambitious eight-year project starting March 2024. A collaboration of prominent institutions, including Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre, and others, the FQF aims to position Finland at the forefront of quantum research and development. Professor Peter Liljeroth, leading the FQF from Aalto University, emphasizes the unique collaborative spirit among Finnish entities in the global quantum race.

Beyond national borders, the FQF engages in Nordic and international collaborations, notably with the Nordic Quantum initiative and strengthening ties with the United States and broader European partners. Addressing talent retention, the FQF will deploy funding to foster research, industrial partnerships, and open-access education programs, elevating quantum technology awareness. As part of InstituteQ, established in 2021, the FQF is poised to drive research excellence, technological adoption, and national training initiatives, solidifying Finland’s leadership in the dynamic quantum technology arena.

Additional information can be seen in an article posted by the Helsinki Times here.

January 15, 2024