The system is an upgrade from their 6 qubit Model H0 computer announced last July.  It does not appear the Model H1 has any additional new features except for the increase in the number of qubits. At this point, the Model H1 will have a Quantum Volume of 128. However, with 10 qubits available they may have room to increase that in the future if they can implement additional improvements in the qubit fidelities.  The computer will be available through the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Zapata Computing, and Cambridge Quantum Computing as well as directly through Honeywell’s cloud application programming interface.  Honeywell also disclosed that customers including Merck, DHL, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, and their own internal Aerospace and Performance Materials and Technologies businesses have been working with the machine. Users of Honeywell’s machines should expect frequent upgrades of them as Honeywell indicated that they already have models H2 and H3 in development and is committed to providing rapid increase in performance.  For more, you can view Honeywell’s press release announcing the Model H1 here and a Honeywell blog article with technical details here.

October 29, 2020