Horizon Quantum Computing, a quantum software startup headquartered in Singapore, has decided to open up a second office in Dublin, Ireland to advance development of their new generation of quantum programming tools that are intended to make the power of quantum computing accessible to every software developer. The company currently has 13 employees but is looking to triple that number in the future to accelerate the development and deployment of their software. They intend on staffing up the new office with 10 new employees initially who will be working on the software. The Republic of Ireland has some unique advantages for this. They are the only English speaking country left in the European Union (EU) and as such it is much easier to recruit engineers from other EU countries without running into visa problems. And they can also similarly recruit employees from the UK without visa issues due to something called the Common Travel Area agreement between the two countries. Although Ireland hasn’t previously been known as a large hub of quantum activity, Dublin does have a sizable presence of classical computing companies including hosting the EMEA headquarters for Google, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Zendesk, and many startups. So, to the extent that potential employees with classical computing experience at these companies can be utilized for Horizon’s quantum developments, Ireland can provide a rich pool for recruiting. For more about this new office, you can access a news release posted on Horizon’s website here.

November 24, 2022