The partnership with the Cleveland Clinic includes a broad array of advanced computing technologies including hybrid cloud, high performance Computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing technologies for use by the newly launched Cleveland Clinic Global Center for Pathogen Research & Human Health. The Cleveland Clinic will have use of IBM’s cloud-based quantum computers, but, most significantly, will include installation of IBM’s planned 1121 qubit quantum computer, codenamed Condor, on the Cleveland Clinic campus in 2023. To our knowledge this would be the first on-premise installation of an IBM quantum computer outside of an IBM facility. These on-premise quantum installations are quite rare because they require dealing with a whole new set of issues including physical infrastructure, maintenance, field service, spare parts, calibration, etc. that generally make it more challenging for both the customer and the vendor versus cloud-based access. However, some parties may choose to go this route anyway when there are large security and privacy considerations. For more on IBM’s announcement with the Cleveland Clinic, you can view the news release located on the IBM website here.

March 31, 2021