Over the past year we have reported (here and here) about IBM’s development of an enhanced quantum assembly language called OpenQASM3. Versions of OpenQASM has been used with IBM’s Qiskit from the very beginning and the new version was created for several reasons including to support the dynamic circuit feature that IBM is introducing in its latest quantum processors. In order to encourage adoption of future versions of OpenQASM, IBM is now working with representatives from AWS, Microsoft, and the University of Innsbruck and will form a Technical Steering Committee to guide the evolution of the language. Mechanisms will be created for other people to issue pull requests and join working groups to propose changes to the language to provide greater functionality and a wider of the language. More information about this new steering committee can be found in a blog post available on Medium and located here. A technical paper that describes OpenQASM3 and how it has evolved from earlier versions of OpenQASM is available on arXiv and available here.

September 15, 2021