Although many people track roadmaps and the increased number of qubits that will be available in the next machines, not as much attention is made to the improvements in error rate. In fact, the error rate improvement is probably a more important factor to be tracking in the race for quantum advantage. In that regard, IBM has disclosed they have achieved a two-qubit CNOT gate fidelity as high as 99.91% on a new 27 qubit device they call Falcon r10. This would be the best two-qubit gate fidelity we have seen of any quantum device that we track on our Qubit Quality page, including all the ion trap based machines.

Graph of CNOT Error Rate Progression for IBM’s Superconducting Quantum Computers. Credit: IBM

Additional information about this can be found in Twitter Tweets from Jay Gambetta that can be seen here and here.

October 7, 2021