We reported last January on the formation of the ImpaQT consortium. This is a group of Dutch companies involved with quantum technology that were putting together a kit of components that work together to form a quantum computer. The idea is that other external companies could purchase this kit from the members of the consortium and build their own quantum computer without requiring the large internal investments in engineering that quantum hardware companies have to do now. To us, this is reminiscent of the PC clone market of the 1980’s where dozen’s of startup companies entered the personal computer market by purchasing microprocessors from Intel, operating system software from Microsoft, system logic chips from Chips and Technologies, storage adapter boards from Adaptec, hard drives from Seagate, and mechanical components like chassis and power supplies from Taiwan. These startup companies could then put the pieces together and create a PC design with very little R&D and then sell budget PCs at a lower price than those from larger competitors IBM and Compaq Computer.

A few changes have occurred since our last report. QuantWare and Demcon have joined the consortium along with original members Qu&CoOrangeQSQblox, and Delft Circuits. Also, the group has received € 600,000 in funding from MRDH (Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam and The Hague) and Quantum Delta NL. The consortium has already built a 1 qubit computer and is now working on a second device with 5 qubits with larger sized systems expected in later years.

For additional information about ImpaQT and this new funding, you can view a web page that describes the project here and a blog about the new funding here.

July 23, 2021