Infleqtion has unveiled a new distribution alliance with Laser 2000 UK, a move aimed at broadening the accessibility of Infleqtion’s Quantum Cores products across academic and commercial markets in the UK. Effective as of April 1, 2024, this partnership will facilitate the availability of various products, including UHV glass cells, complete MOT vacuum systems, and end-user cold atom instrumentation. Neil Anderson, VP of Quantum Cores, highlighted the growing demand for their products in cold atom research and workforce training, citing recent installations at prestigious universities. Peter Collins, Technical Marketing Director at Laser 2000 UK, expressed enthusiasm about integrating quantum technologies into their portfolio to serve diverse sectors such as telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare. This collaboration underscores Infleqtion’s commitment to advancing quantum solutions tailored to real-world applications. A news release announcing this distribution partnership can be accessed here.

April 9, 2024