IonQ’s trapped ion quantum computers already had support from many of the major quantum software development kits including IBM’s Qiskit, Xanadu’s PennyLane, Zapata’s Orquestra, Strangeworks QC and others. The addition of Google’s Cirq adds another one to the list. This will make it easier for software developers who are familiar with Cirq to utilize IonQ’s machines with minimal software changes. And for those who also have access to Google’s Sycamore processor, it would allow someone to easily make comparisons between the two machines. Volkswagen worked with Google and IonQ to create an example of something they call the Paint Shop Problem to show how it would be executed on an IonQ trapped ion machine. They indicated that they found the performance of this problem programmed with the Cirq software to be consistent with other quantum software frameworks. For additional information you can view a news release posted on the IonQ website here.

June 10, 2021