Photo of the IQM/VTT 20 Qubit Quantum Processor. Credit: IQM

As part of a program announced in November 2020 to install a series of quantum computers in Finland, IQM and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have reached the next milestone and installed a 20 qubit superconducting based processor at the Micronova research facility in Espoo, Finland. It joins a 5 qubit machine that was installed at Micronova in November 2021. The 20 qubit processor includes improved manufacturing, integration, signaling, and packaging techniques which the team will leverage for reaching their next milestone, which will be the installation of a 50+ qubit processor by the end of 2024. Beyond that, the Finnish government has allocated a budget of €70 million ($74M USD) for a follow-on program to develop a 300 qubit quantum processor. A press release announcing the installation of this 20 qubit processor has been posted on the VTT website and can be accessed here.

October 10, 2023