IQM Quantum Computers has achieved a significant milestone with its 20-qubit quantum computer, showcasing remarkable technology capabilities aimed at advancing large-scale commercial quantum adoption. The achievement, announced on February 20, 2024, highlights the integration of key technology components, including Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) fabricated at IQM’s quantum chip facility. The chip is based on IQM’s tunable-coupler concept, enabling fast two-qubit gate speed and state-of-the-art fidelity. The 20-qubit processor boasts a median two-qubit (CZ) gate fidelity of 99.51% across 30 qubit pairs, with maximum fidelity exceeding 99.8%. Notable system-level benchmarks include a Quantum Volume (QV) of 32, Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS) of 2600, and a 20-qubit GHZ state with fidelity surpassing 0.5.

Dr. Juha Hassel, Head of Engineering and Development, emphasized the achievement’s significance in advancing IQM’s mission to develop high-performance quantum computers for various applications. IQM’s technical roadmap aims for enhanced system performance and scale, with ongoing efforts in prototype systems of up to 150 qubits. This milestone underscores the accelerating interest and investment in quantum technology, positioning IQM at the forefront of quantum computing innovation.

For further details, readers can access the original press release from IQM Quantum Computers here.

Febrauary 22, 2024