Microsoft has initiated a program to provide $500 of free credits for use of Azure Quantum for each of its partners. The systems currently available are IonQ’s QPU (as well as their free Simulator) and Quantinuum’s H1 QPU and Emulator and soon they will be adding superconducting systems from Rigetti and Quantum Circuits Inc. (QCI). There are no applications requirements or approvals needed and the potential total of credits could add up to $2,000 if you use all four providers. For researchers who use up the $500 credits and would like to apply for more, you can submit an Azure Quantum Credits application and see if Microsoft will approve additional credits. Credit allocation for that program will be determined based on the potential value for the quantum ecosystem either from research, educational, or commercial point of view. Additional information about Microsoft’s free Azure Quantum credit program can be found in a blog post located on the MIcrosoft website here.

February 5, 2022