Multiverse and Bosch will be working to create a quantum computing model of the machinery and process flow in at one of Bosch’s manufacturing plants in a process known as digital twin. This is a technique where a model of the activities in the facility will be created inside the computer and then enable various simulations and optimizations to be performed which can predict how the plant will perform under different scenarios. The companies will be using both customized quantum and quantum inspired algorithms developed by Multiverse in order to model an automotive electronic components plants located in Madrid, Spain. The companies hope to have first results of this pilot implementation by the end of the year with a goal of finding ways to enhance quality control, improve overall efficiencies, minimize waste, and lower energy usage. Bosch has a total of 240 manufacturing plants that include over 120,000 machines and 250,000 devices which are connected together to provide them with digital control and sensing to optimize performance. So a successful implementation of this digital twin concept could be extended to many more factories and provide Bosch with a significant productivity advantage in the future. A news release from Multiverse about this collaboration can be accessed on their website here.

July 30, 2022