By Carolyn Mathas

Multiverse Computing and Mila just announced a partnership designed advance artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) using quantum computing and quantum-inspired methods. The partnership will also focus on developing new leaders in the high-tech fields of quantum computing and ML. Mila represents a global hub of scientific advancement in Montreal with approximately 1000 researchers specializing in AI and ML.

While Mila researchers and students gain access to Multiverse quantum-inspired ML technology used by its customers in mobility, energy, life sciences and industry 4.0 segments, Multiverse will tap into the tensor networks and machine learning expertise at Mila. Tensor networks use models based on quantum physics and increase the speed and precision of training ML models. Machine learning models created using quantum technology is expected to yield improvements in learning efficiency, runtimes and in capacity.

Partnership collaboration will initially focus on the biotech and pharmaceutical industry use cases and likely expand to address additional verticals at Mila, including agritech and industry 4.0.

Both entities share a vision for responsible and ethical development of AI, as well as a commitment to training experts to fill the burgeoning need for a high-tech workforce. For more information on the partnership, view the press announcement on the Multiverse Computing website here.

October 28, 2022