Multiverse Computing is a quantum software company with headquarters in headquartered in San Sebastian, Spain and offices in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France. They specialize in providing software and consulting services to financial institutions for problems include portfolio optimization, pricing of derivatives, financial crash forecasting, and tax fraud. They will partner with Strangeworks to gain access to exclusive quantum computing hardware and novel quantum architectures to conduct algorithms research and deliver new insights to its customers. Strangeworks’s goal is to humanize quantum computing, cut through the confusion of quantum computing and make it accessible to everyone. As part of this effort they have collected a large Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate of organizations that currently includes eleven hardware and cloud services partners, ten software and consulting services partners, and five education and resources partners. Additional information about Multiverse joining the Strangeworks Syndicate and be found in a news release available on the Strangeworks’ website here as well as the Multiverse website here.

July 31, 2021