By Carolyn Mathas

According to, “The First Annual Report on Enterprise Quantum Computing Adoption,” commissioned by Zapata Computing, Inc., 69% of global enterprises adopted or plan to adopt quantum computing near term and that in the U.S., 71% are most interested in using quantum computing to address machine learning and data analytics problems. Given the actual price tag, time and risk of QC adoption, companies are leveraging advances in technology via collaboration to expedite use cases and to build quantum infrastructure. Here are two recent examples:

Optimize Your Engines

Andretti Autosport relies on obtaining a performance edge over its competition which is critical. To reach that consistent goal it is partnering with Zapata Computing with a partnership that spans brand sponsorship and a multi-million-dollar agreement to deploy and leverage Zapata’s platform, Orquestra to harness advanced analytics and quantum techniques. 

Under the agreement, Zapata is the Official Quantum Computing Provider of Andretti Autosport and its technology arm, Andretti Technologies. Andretti engineers will work trackside from the mobile Zapata Performance Innovation and Technology (P.I.T.) Center to deliver a real-time performance edge for Andretti at NTT INDYCAR SERIES events. To start, the focus will be on advanced ML and optimization work via simulation, evolving as the technology matures.  Visit the press release on the Zapata website here.

Build an Ecosystem and Workforce

The Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) is partnering with Strangeworks. With the collaboration, Strangeworks provides its quantum-enabled platform as a service (PaaS) so that QAI can expand its offerings, rapidly scale services, and foster research collaboration across its membership. QAI will grow its talent pool, aiding economic development in British Columbia and across Canada.

The platform, Strangeworks QC is used to learn, teach, create, and collaborate on quantum computing projects. Visit the press release on the Strangeworks website here.

February 24, 2022