QC Ware’s Forge quantum cloud service has entered a public beta period and serves as a bridge between the Problem/Data Mapping at the user level to the quantum programs running on the quantum computing hardware or quantum simulators. In between these two points, Forge provides the high level features and the algorithms to implement this. The software is designed to be backend agnostic and will enable running the quantum programs on a variety of hardware platforms and simulators.

Forge has three main classes of algorithms including binary optimization, chemistry simulation, and machine learning. The current version supports the D-Wave’s quantum annealer along with simulators from IBM and Google. Additional platforms they plan to support include IBM and Rigetti’s circuit model quantum computers along with additional simulators from Rigetti and Microsoft. QC Ware’s roadmap that shows Forge’s current and future capabilities is shown below.

QC Ware’s Forge Roadmap

QC Ware is offering a 30 day free beta trial for Forge which also includes 1 minute of Quantum Computing Time. To sign up you can go to the Forge page at https://forge.qcware.com. You can also view the news release on QC Ware’s web site here.

September 26, 2019