Like several other nations, the Netherlands has released its plan to become a significant player in the development of quantum technology.  Their program is called Quantum Delta NL (or QΔNL for short) and will have a total budget of about 102 million euros per year (about $113M USD). Of this amount 69 million euros ($77M USD) is already covered with existing programs and the remainder will require a new investment for what they call action lines. The plan will take advantage of existing resources already present in the Netherlands including research institutes such as QuTech in Delft, QuSoft in Amsterdam and QT/e in Eindhoven, excellent research groups in Leiden, Nijmegen, Groningen, Twente and Utrecht, coordinating bodies such as TNO and StartupDelta, and a range of industrial partnerships and startups.

Their plan will focus on three cutting-edge catalyst programs in the areas of Quantum Computing and Simulation, a National Quantum Network, and Quantum Sensing Applications. The four action lines include the following:

  1. Realization of research and innovation breakthroughs
  2. Ecosystem development, market creation and infrastructure
  3. Human capital: education, knowledge and skills
  4. Starting social dialogue about quantum technology

They have published a comprehensive plan that discusses quantum technologies, their view of the global playing field and their plans for implementing the agenda. You can download it here.

October 17, 2019