Diagram of NobleAI’s Science Based AI (SBAI) Approach That Will Be Used with Microsoft Azure’s Quantum Elements

NobleAI is a software company that uses AI to provide customized materials discovery platforms for the chemical and materials industry. Examples of models they have created include NobleChemistry to create commercial  chemical formulations, NobleBattery for battery development and performance evaluation, and NobleEnergy to solve complex problems for the energy industry. Their customers include large enterprises in the chemical and energy industries and they help these organizations improve their product development by shortening development times, help identify ways of improving the performance of the materials, and also helping to make the new materials and chemicals more environmentally sustainable. The company closed a $17.6 million Series A funding round earlier this year with investor including M12, Microsoft’s venture capital fund, Chevron Technology Ventures, and other venture firms.

The company has announced that it will be offering its platform with the recently announced Microsoft Azure Quantum Elements which provides access to both high performance computing (HPC) and quantum processors for accelerating the calculations. NobleAI is one of the early users of Microsoft Quantum Elements which was just announced last June. Microsoft’s goal with Azure Quantum Elements is to compress 250 years of chemistry into the next 25. The chemical and materials industries spend many tens of billion of dollars in R&D. The belief is that through the use of advanced HPC, quantum computing, and AI this R&D can become significantly more efficient and help companies develop new products more quickly and at a lower cost.

A news release provided by NobleAI announcing their collaboration with Microsoft is available here.

November 2, 2023