Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) and Cyxtera, a leading company providing data center colocation and interconnection services that has than 60 data centers in over 30 markets, have agreed to partner and install one of OQC”s superconducting processors in Cyxtera’s Reading Data Center Campus LHR3. This will enable Cyxtera’s customers to utilize OQC’s processor and work with classical computers located in that facility. This could potentially improve latency times and allow Cyxtera’s customers direct access to our OQC’s quantum computer without going through a public cloud. Since the classical and quantum processors will be colocated rather than in separate locations, this can substantially improve program runtime by reducing the transit delays of shuttling data back and forth multiple times. Frequently exchanging data between the classical and quantum systems is a common requirement for some of the popular hybrid classical/quantum algorithms in use today. More information about this collaboration is available in a news release posted on the Cyxtera website here.

September 28, 2022