ORCA Computing is installing two of its PT-1 quantum photonics processors the year at the the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). These systems will be installed at PSNC’s high-performance computing data center in Poznań, Poland, and will enhance its quantum computing work in various scientific and application fields, including biology, chemistry, and machine learning.

The PSNC, known for its IT infrastructure in science and information and communication technologies, will incorporate ORCA Computing’s PT-1 quantum systems into its high-performance infrastructure to further critical scientific research and industrial innovation. The PT-1 systems, procured under the EUROHPC-PL project, will will be integrated with classical HPC systems and workloads in the PSNC quantum computing and quantum communication environment. The center is also developing software solutions and use cases for the ORCA systems environment.

The ORCA PT is based on programmable Bosonic Sampling using telecom photon wavelengths, producing highly complex statistics that can be utilized in machine learning and optimization applications. The system can be integrated with classical HPC solutions and comes with a Python-based Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports hybrid quantum/classical algorithms with QPUs and GPUs.

ORCA’s technology uses single photons as its information carrier, allowing the system to interface naturally with networks and creating a modular, flexible, and upgradable system. ORCA’s proprietary multiplexing technology manipulates the timing, frequency, and routing of single photons, enabling it to achieve high data densities and facilitate full-scale quantum computing with fewer components. The system is rack-mounted, operates at room temperature, and leverages off-the-shelf, telecom-grade optical fiber components

A press release from Orca containing additional information about their work with PSNC can be found here.

December 15, 2023