Orca Computing has raised $15 million in Series A funding from venture firms Octopus Ventures, Oxford Science Enterprises, Quantonation, and Verve Ventures. This funding would be an additional to other awards made last year by the UK Government to a team lead by Orca for projects such as the Quantum Data Centre of the Future. Orca will be using the funds to further develop their room temperature, photonic based quantum processor. A unique aspect of Orca’s architecture is that it uses ORCA uses a patented quantum memory to store and retrieve single photons on demand to provide a high-speed ‘repeat-until-successful/release-when-needed’ operation to minimize component requirements.

Orca’s PT-1 Quantum Processor

In other news, the company announced that the UK’s Ministry of Defence has acquired a small rack mounted processor called the PT-1, pictured above, to explore how quantum computing can be utilized for defense applications. Additional information on the venture investment is available in a news release available here and information on the Ministry of Defence acquisition of the Orca process can be seen here.

June 9, 2022