A major change has occurred in the past couple of years regarding how people think about quantum computing.  When I first started researching quantum computing two years ago, there was still plenty of skepticism that this would ever prove to be a viable technology.   Here are a few old articles that were posted on the web expressing this idea:

By 2017, this attitude has now completely changed.  Almost all experts are predicting that quantum computing is real and will become commercially viable within the next few years.  Here are some more recent articles that are much more optimistic. And note that these predictions are not just coming from journalists trying to sensationalize the technology to get more readers.    They are coming from experts in the field who work on the technology every day.

In addition, you can see that people are now putting money where their mouth is.   In the past year, more VC investments have been made, more startups have been formed, and more quantum job openings are being advertised.  So although we are all starting to agree that quantum computing will become commercially viable soon, I would still caution people not to believe that it will ever replace classical computing.  Quantum computing will have its place for certain classes of problems.   But only for those situations where classical solutions are intractable.