We really liked a webinar video that D-Wave recently posted describing some sample applications of their customers. A nice aspect of this video is that it showed the broad range of applications that can be helped through the use of quantum computing. These applications included traffic flow optimization, routing of warehouse robots, optimizing display ads, flight gate assignments, election modelling and several more.

One very interesting statement was D-Wave’s assertion that they expect to have a few customers using their quantum annealer in an early production mode by the end of 2019. If this occurs, it would certainly give D-Wave bragging rights to claim that their quantum annealer has beaten the gate-level quantum computers in the race to demonstrate applications that provide real commercial value versus a classical computing approach.

The video also showed some interesting analyses made by Dr. Roberto Desimone of BAE Systems. These include a comparison of which applications may be more suitable for use with a gate-level machine versus a quantum annealer and also a market feasibility assessment for three different market sectors.

You can view the video recording on YouTube here, and you can download the PDF presentation from the webinar here.