Accenture Labs, a branch of one of the leading worldwide consulting firms, Accenture, has recently set up a group to study quantum computing. As part of their work, they have published a cogent white paper titled “Think Beyond Ones and Zeros” that provides a good executive overview for business on what quantum computing is and how it might affect their business in the future. The theme of the paper is “Quantum Computing: From Theoretical to Tangible”.  Many of the concepts expressed in this white paper are similar to ones we have published on this web site, but it is always good to get another perspective. Some of these concepts include:

  • Quantum computing should be used to augment classical computing.   It won’t replace it.
  • Accenture thinks that consistent enterprise use of quantum computing (what I call quantum commercial viability) is about two to five years out.
  • There are certain application areas that are the best targets for quantum computing.
  • It is important to identify the “right” problems that can be addressed with quantum computing.
  • Enterprises should start making short and long term plans for how they might prepare for the introduction of quantum computing in their organization so they can take advantage of it when it becomes a reality.

The paper is written for people who are familiar with classical computing, but not quantum mechanics. So it is not overly technical.  For more details you can download the Accenture white paper here.