Last September, Intel announced a 10 year, $50 million program with QuTech in The Netherlands to advance research efforts in quantum technology.   No technical details were announced at the time.   But recently, Intel gave a presentation at the Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop held in Delft that sheds a little more light on their activities.    Intel is working on quantum dot technology with QuTech and they are using their processing capabilities to improve the dot-to-dot repeatability and uniformity.   They are also working on studying film growth techniques and patterning along with establishing a supply chain for improved Si-28 to improve coherence times.  As one might expect Intel is focusing on leveraging their process technology strengths to contribute to the efforts. There is no sign that Intel is doing any work on quantum architectures, quantum software or theoretical quantum physics at this point.   You can read an abstract of Intel’s presentation here and we will be interested in hearing more details as Intel or QuTech releases them.