One of the features of this web site is that we maintain a list of open positions within commercial quantum companies or quantum departments within a larger company.  These listings are created from both public postings that we see on the web as well as private communications from recruiters who ask us to post their openings.  We do this as a service to the quantum community and it turns out that this page is one of the more popular pages on the web site.  We have heard from several sources that finding talented engineers is one of the limiting factors for the industry’s growth.

But there is another reason that we provide research on job openings.   It provides us with additional insight on various company’s strategies that they may not openly communicate in a press release or even in a private conversation.  Here are some examples.

One of the most interesting developments we’ve seen recently are openings from established companies for what we would call “Advance Scouts”.  Currently on this week’s list are openings with the Ford Motor Company for a Quantum Computing Technical Leader and also with JP Morgan Chase for a Quantitative Research Quantum Computing VP.   And in the past, we’ve seen similar openings with Volkswagen, SAP, and KLA-Tencor which we believe have now been filled.  None of these companies are in the business of creating computer hardware or software development tools.  Instead, these farsighted companies have realized that quantum computing could have a significant impact on their business operations and want to hire someone who can help them figure out how best to take advantage of the technology.

You also gain insight into what areas of technology certain companies are trying to develop.  You can see companies that are looking for 3D Integration Process engineers, Design Verification engineers, Cryogenic engineers, ASIC Design Manager, Microwave Design engineers, Full Stack Software engineers, etc. and you can get an idea of where they want to take their technology.  Other interesting things you can learn are what applications certain companies want to emphasize.   Several companies are advertising for Machine Learning Researchers and Computational Chemists.

You can also glean information on various companies’ corporate strategy.  One company has developed considerable expertise in superconducting cryogenic PCBs and is looking for a Division Manager to create a new revenue source and sell this capability to others.  Another company is planning on building a new quantum fab and mentions this activity in one of their job description.

So even if you aren’t looking for a new position in a quantum company, you may want to visit the Jobs page occasionally to see more about what is happening in the industry.  As that great baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot just by watching”.