We reported last month that Pasqal is now partnering with OVHCloud to provide beta access to the Pasqal 100 qubit neutral atom processor. OVHCloud is now adding support for the Atos quantum emulator and Quandela’s Percival open-source photonic QPU simulator. OVHCloud is the largest cloud hosting service in Europe and has a fleet of 300,000 servers at 32 data centers in 19 countries.

Atos provides a hardware product called the Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) which is available as a standalone product that can be installed on-premise. By providing a way to use it via cloud access, this capability can now become available to a larger universe of customers. The Atos QLM can simulator three different models of quantum processors, gate model, annealing model, and analog model and can emulate up to 38 qubits for gate level problems and 5000+ for quantum annealing problems. A news release from OVHCloud announcing support for the Atos QLM can be accessed here.

Quandela is working on a photonic processor which they expect to make available as a web service through OVHCloud by the end of the year. In the meantime, users can simulate, model, and test their software with the Percival tool so that they will be ready to immediately use the hardware when it becomes available. Quandela’s announcement that they are partnering with OVHCloud is available here.

June 17, 2022