PASQAL, a prominent French quantum computing company specializing in ordered neutral atom processors, has joined forces with Mila, a leading AI research institute, to enhance generative modeling in Quantum AI. The collaboration aims to leverage quantum benchmarking and tensor networks, exploring the intersection between quantum computing and machine learning. PASQAL’s quantum application engineer, Slimane Thabet, will work with Mila Professor Guillaume Rabusseau’s team on a one-year research plan focused on deepening the understanding of quantum concepts and structured data generation. The partnership seeks to contribute to the advancement of AI and quantum innovation by developing novel generative models.

Guillaume Rabusseau, Assistant Professor at Université de Montréal and principal investigator, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating it provides an opportunity to explore and advance the intersection between quantum computing and machine learning. Raphaël de Thoury, CEO of PASQAL-Canada, emphasizes the potential of boosting machine learning algorithms with quantum capabilities and believes Mila’s ecosystem will contribute to delivering impactful results.

For additional information, a press release provided by Mila can be viewed here.

January 12, 2024