Pasqal and Thales are using quantum computing in the AQUAPS project to demonstrate the capability of neutral-atom quantum computing to solve complex satellite planning problems. Over the past three years, supported by the Île-de-France region and GENCI, the teams have used Pasqal’s quantum processor to optimize planning and scheduling processes critical to Thales’ operations, including logistics, air traffic control, and resource allocation.

The collaboration successfully solved a satellite planning problem using Pasqal’s neutral-atom Quantum Processor Unit (QPU). The alignment between the problem’s structure and the QPU’s atomic arrangement allowed for efficient optimization, highlighting the technology’s potential for large-scale, real-world applications. This advancement promises significant improvements in satellite planning and other critical optimization tasks.

Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO and Co-founder of Pasqal, emphasized the potential of quantum computing in solving practical problems. Frédéric Barbaresco, Quantum Algorithms & Computing Segment Leader at Thales, noted the project’s role in advancing space use cases and potential for further collaborations with Pasqal.

A press release provided by Pasqal about this partnership has been posted on the Pasqal wesite here.

May 17, 2024