In an announcement at the 2022 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, PsiQuantum announced it is setting up a new subsidiary called Qlimate devoted to using quantum computing to help solve the many computational problems associated with developing solutions for climate change. PsiQuantum is developing a large-scale error corrected quantum computer (see our in-depth description of their technical approach here) which they believe will be the world’s first utility-scale quantum computer. As part of this Qlimate announcement PsiQuantum has committed to provide substantial capacity on this machine for the Qlimate initiative. They believe that quantum computing can play a big part in exploring use cases in the areas of agriculture, solar, electric batteries, green hydrogen, carbon capture, green ammonia, cement and others that will help contribute to decarbonizing the world and would not be possible with classical computing alone.

PsiQuantum is inviting partners to join them in this effect and have already announced the first partners including Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), the Dutch Quantum Delta initiative and Volkswagen. FFI is seeking to build green hydrogen ventures and is planning on using quantum computing to model Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology and pulse electrolysis which would be key technologies for their hydrogen production process.

Additional information about Qlimate is available on the Qlimate dedicated website here. You can also view a press release provided by PsiQuantum here and another one from FFI the discusses how they plan to use Qlimate to explore quantum solutions in green hydrogen here.

May 29, 2022