Q-CTRL, a leading provider of quantum infrastructure software, has announced strategic partnerships with Wolfram, Aqarios, qBraid, Qblox, Keysight, and QuantWare. These collaborations aim to enhance quantum research, commercialization, and adoption by integrating Q-CTRL’s AI-driven performance-management software with diverse hardware and software platforms.

For instance, Fire Opal, Q-CTRL’s software, now integrates with Wolfram’s Mathematica, enabling users to access performance-enhancement capabilities for quantum algorithms seamlessly. Similarly, partnerships with Aqarios, qBraid, Qblox, Keysight, and QuantWare focus on various aspects, including end-to-end quantum solutions, development tools, hardware interoperability, and automation functionality. These alliances signify a concerted effort to drive the quantum technology industry forward, facilitating broader access to quantum computing capabilities across different sectors.

For additional information, a press release describing more details about each of these collaborations can be found here.

February 28, 2024