Black Opal uses visualization, interactivity and animation targeted for technology professionals, STEM-enthusiast teenagers, science fans, and self-learners and other beginners who want to learn more about quantum computing without requiring any pre-requisites. “Black Opal helps anyone go from zero knowledge to programming real quantum computers without facing the barriers of formal coursework,” said Q-CTRL Founder and CEO Professor Michael J. Biercuk. “It supports students and professionals seeking careers in the quantum industry, and provides insight to the most curious enthusiasts from real research leaders in the field. There’s no better way to learn quantum computing from actual experts.” In order to incentivize users to try it out, Q-CTRL is holding a Black Friday sale (a first for the quantum industry!). They are offering a 12 month subscription plus four months beta access for a special price of $50, a discount from the normal price of $180 for sign-ups entered between November 19-29, 2021. Additional information about Black Opal and the Black Friday sale can be found in a news release provided by Q-CTRL that you can find here. To get a subscription and to view a short video demonstration of it, you can visit a page on the Q-CTRL website here.

November 10, 2021