We previously wrote about the Black Opal product from Q-CTRL that provides individuals with a web based program that can educate them on quantum computing concepts. The original Black Opal was introduced in November 2021 as an interactive, online quantum learning platform for beginners. Q-CTRL added to that in April of this year with Black Opal Pro which added functionality that includes over 350 activities and allowed users to practice their quantum skills. While those two programs were oriented towards individuals, this new announcement of Black Opal Enterprise is oriented towards enterprises that want to educate groups of their employees on quantum technology. The key features of Black Opal Enterprise include administrative features that allow enterprises to implement a seat licensing structure, track their progress, award co-branded certificates of completion, and obtain dedicated customer support. The company indicates it already has received good initial tracking with this software and mentions customers including IonQ, Big Four consultancies, a Fortune 500 petrochemicals company, a military unit in Australia, and a government research center in the UK. More information about the Black Opal Enterprise program is available in a news release for the product here, a blog posting here and a nice comparison chart that compares the features of the three different Black Opal versions here.

October 4, 2022