The qBraid Lab SDK created by qBraid has three interesting features that can make it easier and faster for an end user to run a circuit on multiple platforms. The first is a “write-once-and-submit” function which can allow a user to create a circuit and submit it to multiple quantum hardware platforms and simulators without having to individually submit each one. The second is a circuit transpiler that supports over 20 different quantum hardware and simulation platforms that will take a circuit written in one quantum language and convert it so it can run on the many platforms including IBM Qiskit, Google Cirq, Xanadu Pennylane, Rigetti Pyquil and others. And the third feature is a mechanism to retrieve and manage the results of the multiple runs. The software is particularly useful for those who want to run a circuit on multiple platforms to compare the results of each platform. For example, Amazon Braket alone provides access to six different quantum computers and three different simulators and qBraid provides a pay-as-you-go model for accessing any of these. Additional information about the qBraid Lab, its integration with Amazon Braket, you can see a blog located on the qBraid website here.

July 2, 2022