QMware, a leading hybrid quantum computing company, has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA and Oracle to advance hybrid quantum computing services for enterprises. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU clusters and CUDA Quantum open-source hybrid quantum computing platform, QMware aims to develop a state-of-the-art quantum computing service for industrial use. The partnership aims to explore quantum computing applications in various fields such as AI, quantum machine learning, and optimization. This initiative demonstrates the rapid adoption and exploration of quantum technology with an initial version of the service set to be demonstrated at Oracle CloudWorld London.

QMware’s CEO, Markus Pflitsch, highlights the significance of combining quantum expertise with robust cloud infrastructure to scale up quantum capabilities and simplify accessibility for businesses. The collaboration reflects a strategic step towards transitioning quantum computing from experimental to practical applications, emphasizing its integration into daily business operations.

For more about this new collaboration, you can see a press release posted on the QMWare website here.

March 12, 2024