We reported in October 2020 about the formation of the QMware joint venture between Terra Quantum and Novarion to create an integrated hardware/software appliance called the Hybrid Quantum Cloud. They have now announced the opening of a Hybrid Quantum Cloud Data Center Alpha based upon the technology. They have made this available to European enterprises, scientific laboratories and institutions. Part of the motivation for this effort to provide a European alternative to U.S. dominated quantum cloud providers based upon a European standard called GAIA-X, a project for the development of an efficient and competitive, secure and trustworthy federation of data infrastructure and service providers for Europe. This first installation has occurred at the Vienna data center of NTT Global Data Centers and additional ones are under consideration for the future. More information is available in a post on QMware’s LinkedIn page here, another post on their website here, and an article (in German) on the pressetext website here.

January 14, 2022