QPerfect, a pioneer in accelerating practical quantum computing, and QuEra Computing, a leader in neutral-atom quantum computing, have announced a collaboration focused on developing and evaluating tensor network methods for accurate quantum error correction modeling. This partnership will leverage QPerfect’s MIMIQ virtual quantum computer and quantum simulation framework to conduct high-fidelity simulations of logical quantum algorithms. This will aid QuEra in evaluating error correction algorithms on their neutral atom-based quantum computers.

QPerfect, a spinoff from the University of Strasbourg and CNRS, specializes in fast, accurate, large-scale quantum computer simulations. QuEra, operating the world’s first publicly accessible neutral-atom quantum computing platform, brings extensive experience in quantum error correction algorithms and noise models. Both companies are part of the QAI Ventures ecosystem, a global VC fund and startup accelerator dedicated to advancing quantum and AI technology.

Alexandra Beckstein, CEO of QAI Ventures, expressed support for the collaboration, highlighting its potential to drive significant progress in quantum error correction. Yuval Boger, Chief Commercial Officer at QuEra, and Guido Masella, CTO of QPerfect, emphasized the importance of this partnership in achieving fault-tolerant quantum computing.

For additional information, you can access the press release provided here.

June 5, 2024