Dutch quantum computing company QphoX has secured €8 million in funding, marking the largest investment in a quantum company in the Netherlands to date. The round, led by QDNL Participations, included participation from the EIC Fund, along with existing investors Quantonation, Speedinvest, High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Delft Enterprises. This substantial investment follows a grant from the EIC Accelerator, supporting the development of QphoX’s disruptive quantum technology.

QphoX is focused on creating essential hardware for enabling quantum computers to communicate via an optical network, a device they call a Quantum Modem. This breakthrough technology facilitates the scalability of large quantum computing systems within data centers or even between distant data centers, forming the foundation for the future quantum internet. Recent advances, including optical-frequency readout of superconducting qubits and leading transducer performance detailed in Nature Nanotechnology, position QphoX as a prominent player in quantum transduction.

The €8 million funds will accelerate product development, preparing QphoX’s technology for integration into commercial systems. QphoX CEO Simon Groeblacher emphasizes the significance of their transduction hardware, enabling quantum systems to connect through optical channels. Chad Rigetti, Venture Partner at QDNL Participations, expresses excitement over QphoX’s potential to reshape large-scale quantum computing and the quantum internet. For additional information, you can access the company’s provided press release here.

January 17, 2024