QuantaMap, a Dutch quantum technologies startup, has secured €1.4 million in early-stage funding to improve the production of quantum computer chips. The funding round was led by QDNL Participations and will be combined with a grant for SMEs provided by the Quantum Delta NL foundation. The funds will be used to further develop the technology and scale production capabilities.

Quantum computing has the potential to solve complex problems in various fields, but the production of quantum chips is challenging. QuantaMap has developed a novel microscope that allows quantum researchers and chip manufacturers to closely inspect each chip to assure and improve its quality. The company’s technology combines cryogenic scanning with quantum sensors, tailored specifically for quantum applications.

The technology is designed to address specific issues that affect quantum chip performance and production yields. It identifies the origin of losses and impurities at the nanometer scale by imaging local temperature rise, electric currents, and magnetic fields, all at low temperatures to maintain the chip’s operating conditions during imaging.

QuantaMap was founded in November 2022 by Johannes Jobst, Kaveh Lahabi, Milan Allan, and Jimi de Haan. The quantum sensor at the heart of QuantaMap’s products was invented by Lahabi and his research team at Leiden University. The startup aims to become the standard for chip R&D and quality assurance in the quantum computing industry and sees potential in helping the traditional semiconductor industry embrace cryogenic computing technology in data centers.

Additional information is available in a LinkedIn posting made by the company here.

December 20, 2023